Circular 04/15/19 - Management News - Shipowners Claims Bureau (UK) Ltd (PDF)
Circular 03/27/19 - Recent US Government Advisories Concerning Iran, North Korea and Syria (PDF)
Circular 02/12/19 - Eagle Ocean Marine: A Prospectus (PDF)
Circular 01/11/19 - Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) (North Korea) - Enforcement of UN, US and EU Sanctions (PDF)
Circular 12/12/18 - Eagle Ocean Marine (EOM): New Prospectus and Progress Report (PDF)
Circular 11/08/18 - Reimposed Secondary US Sanctions Against Iran Come into Force - Sanctions Waivers Granted to Certain Countries for Their Purchases and Imports of Iranian Crude Oil - US Treasury Adds 700 Iranian Sanctions Targets to the OFAC SDN List (PDF)
Circular 10/10/18 - Piracy and Armed Robbery: Best Management Practices to Deter Piracy and Enhance Maritime Safety in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean & Arabian Sea (BMP5) (PDF)
Circular 09/18/18 - Considerations for Vessels Transiting and Calling Ports in Areas Affected by Hurricanes, Typhoons and Cyclones (PDF)
Circular 08/13/18 - The United States Formally Reimposes Secondary Sanctions Against Iran (PDF)
Circular 08/03/18 - EOM Loss Prevention: Good Practices (PDF)
Circular 08/01/18 - Management News (PDF)
Circular 07/03/18 - American Club Loss Prevention: Posters Now in New and Traditional Mandarin (PDF)
Circular 05/12/18 - U.S. Withdraws from JCPOA and Reimposes Secondary Sanctions Against Iran (PDF)
Circular 05/03/18 - People's Republic of China (PRC): Special Safety and Security Inspections for Vessels Entering Qingdao Waters (PDF)
Circular 05/03/18 - People's Republic of China (PRC): Ship Pollution Response Organizations (SPROs) (PDF)
Circular 03/22/18 - The United States Issues Detailed Advisory Regarding Deceptive Shipping Practices by North Korea to Evade Economic Sanctions (PDF)
Circular 01/03/18 - The United Nations Imposes Additional Sanctions on North Korea (PDF)
Circular 08/09/17 - United States Enacts New Law Requiring the Imposition of Additional Economic Sanctions with Respect to North Korea, Iran and Russia. United Nations Subsequently Imposes Additional Sanctions on North Korea. (PDF)
Circular 02/07/17 - Iran: Additional US Sanctions (PDF)
Circular 01/24/17 - US Economic Sanctions - Sudan (PDF)
Circular 12/19/16 - Maritime Labour Convention 2006 As Amended (MLC): Financial Security Requirements (PDF)
Circular 11/30/16 - The US Embargo of Cuba: Further Guidance 180 Day Prohibition Waiver (PDF)
Circular 10/12/16 - US Economic Sanction Against Burma Terminated (PDF)
Circular 08/04/16 - Eagle Ocean Marine General Terms and Conditions of Cover, July 1, 2016 (PDF)
Circular 07/01/16 - SCB Management Consulting Services, Ltd., Hong Kong - Office Move (PDF)
Circular 05/26/16 - Continuing European Union and United States Sanctions Against Syria (PDF)
Circular 03/28/16 - The United States Imposes Additional Sanctions with Respect to North Korea (PDF)
Circular 03/07/16 - North Korea: United States and United Nations Impose Additional Sanctions (PDF)
Circular 10/28/15 - US Economic Sanctions Update: Guidance Relating to the Islamic Republic of Iran's Nuclear Program (PDF)
Circular 10/27/15 - US Economic Sanctions: Certain Persons (Individuals) in Venezuela (PDF)
Circular 10/26/15 - Ukraine/Russia Related Economic Sanctions: Crimea Region of Ukraine (PDF)
Circular 10/23/15 - The US Embargo in Regard to Cuba: Regulatory Changes (PDF)
Circular 02/18/15 - Eagle Ocean Marine Increases Cover Limit (PDF)
Circular 01/06/15 - US Economic Sanctions North Korea (PDF)
Circular 01/05/15 - US Economic Sanctions in Regard to Iran: Cover for Transportation of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products (PDF)
Circular 09/17/14 - US Economic Sanctions Update: Additional US Sanctions Russian Entities (PDF)
Circular 04/17/14 - Eagle Ocean Marine Increases Cover Limit and Maximum Vessel Size (PDF)
Circular 05/28/13 - Legal Compliance - Economic and Trade Sanctions (PDF)

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