P&I Loss Prevention Condition Surveys

In an effort to provide owners with the best possible coverage and technical support, Eagle Ocean Marine (EOM) requests pre-entry Loss Prevention Condition Surveys for vessels meeting specified safety and environmental protection criteria. Loss Prevention Condition Surveys are essential for assessing the overall condition and operation of an insured vessel and to allow us to identify valuable recommendations for mitigating risks, in order to enhance the Owner's own loss prevention measures.

Guidance for Owners and Surveyors

In order for a vessel to undergo the required entry survey, EOM will submit a request for survey to the Shipowner via the Broker. Owners or their Brokers should then coordinate surveys with EOM by sending the following information to surveys@eagleoceanmarine.com :

  1. vessel specific data,
  2. agreed location for survey,
  3. estimated time of arrival/departure (ETA/ ETD), and
  4. full contact details of the local agent.

Shipowners shall appoint a surveyor of their choice from the list of approved local surveyors maintained by EOM, agree on survey fees and expenses, and make payments directly to the local surveyor prior to the survey being performed. The surveyor will be advised that the vessel is to be insured with EOM and that it is required to have a P&I Loss Prevention Condition Survey in compliance with EOM's standard terms. EOM will then coordinate with the contracted surveyor to provide detailed "EOM Loss Prevention Condition Survey instructions".

A copy of the survey form to be used by the surveyor is available set forth in three parts:

All three parts, Part A, Part B and Part C must be completed in full. As stated above, negotiation and payment of the fee is a matter between Owners and the attending surveyor (applicable to the initial survey and any follow up survey) and should be made prior to the survey attendance. Without prior payment the surveyor will not be in a position to conduct the survey.

In order to save time, expense and inconvenience, it is essential that the vessel is presented in light, cargo free, condition in order that all required tests and inspections may be completed. Full co-operation and co-ordination with the master/crew is essential to ensure that the vessel is attended and presented in appropriate condition.

In addition, it is recommended that the 'Vessel Particulars' section of Part A be completed in advance of the survey by the Master, and that copies of all relevant documents as set forth in section 2.0 of Part B of the survey report be made ready in advance of the survey.

The following on-board preparations should be made prior to commencement of the survey, Owners being asked to:

  1. Have all manholes open to all cargo and/or ballast tanks which are to be presented for inspection. Tanks are to be well ventilated and tested as per enclosed spaces entry procedures, including all tank entry papers filled out.
  2. Prepare ballast tanks for hydro-static pressure testing.
  3. Prepare for ultra-sonic test of hatch covers and hold access hatches.
  4. Prepare the rigging of lighting for hold inspection.
  5. Prepare for demonstration of cargo hold bilge suctions and non return valves.
  6. Have cargo handling equipment records prepared for inspection.
  7. Prepare for demonstration of steering gear (normal and emergency).
  8. Prepare for demonstration of emergency generators, under working conditions.
  9. Prepare for demonstration of emergency fire pump, under working conditions.
  10. Have copies of statutory certificates and class certificates made available.
  11. Have copies of Lifesaving and Firefighting appliance inventories made available.
  12. Prepare for demonstration that nautical publications and charts are current.
  13. Have engine maintenance records made available.
  14. Prepare for demonstration that bilge alarms, quick closing devices, ventilator dampers and other similar devices are serviceable in the engine room.

Surveyors should secure details of the vessel, her availability and full contact details of the Owners and their local agent.

Surveyors should then agree the costs for the survey and secure payment in advance from the Owner or his local agent. Payment will not be arranged via EOM and fees will not be guaranteed by EOM.

All correspondence between the owner/manager and the surveyor should be copied to the EOM survey department in order for progress to be monitored.

On completion of the survey, the surveyor is required to leave a copy of his Part C 'Summary of Findings' draft report with the Master. This will be followed by his Part A and B report which the surveyor should send only to Eagle Ocean Marine, who will review the report and then send the final Part A and B report to the Brokers for passing to the Owners. Any reservation in cover resulting from the survey or amendments to the terms and conditions of cover will then be advised by Eagle Ocean Marine.